Wings of Freedom Tour

I was fortunate enough to be asked to come and photograph a local event for a newly formed organization, Aviation Education and Enhancement Program or AEEP. This program was formed after this past years air show to bring more opportunities to bring in flying history to the Auburn and Opelika area. If I could create a dream team of WWII aircraft I have always been obsessed with it would be the trio that The Collings Foundation has put together. The had a P-51, a B-24, and a B-17 on display and were offering rides in all three of these fully functioning aircraft. I also tested out some techniques that I will admit, I was totally against until now. HDR is something that I have learned when done tastefully it can look good. It’s when people really abuse the ability to merge images that I have been turned away on even trying it. I hope you enjoy the images and take in a little piece of history as you view them. b-24hdr_3 b-24hdr_4 p-51hdr_2 copy p-51hdr_6 together0006 0007 0010 0016 0031 0036 0037 0043 0055 0058 0060 0066 0083 0087