Unless you have been living under a rock the last week, you should have heard that Apple announced their new product, the iPad. Ever since the announcement, many people have been speculating whether this new device is worth the hoopla. From all the things I have read online, many people feel the announcement of the iPad has fallen short of what they anticipated the device would be. My question is are they correct? Is the iPad just a giant iTouch? Here, I will feed my opinion as a designer, photographer, and dedicated Apple fan.

My first impression was like many of the population. I couldn’t help but wonder why I would ever want an iPad and why would I want one of these over a new MacBook? I would want the iPad to run Lightroom, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. but it probably won’t be able to. I would want it to have a camera on it, but it doesn’t. I would want to use the iPad the same way I use a computer, but I couldn’t.

I, like most of the people I know, wanted the iPad to be the love child of an iPhone and a MacBook. Essentially we were expecting a touch screen MacBook. I, and I assume the rest of my friends, never saw the actual iPad coming. It took me realizing what the iPad is, and that it was meant to be an equally loved sibling of the iPhone and MacBook, not a love child.

Once the idea of a third device actually sinked in, I began to ponder the importance of such a product and if it were something I would even use. My disappointment quickly turned to opportunity. My mind began to race, thinking of multiple applications for the iPad. How it could, in fact be the future of computing.

The iPad’s name, however terrible it might be, does give insight to what the product is to be used for. It is a device to collect information and transfer it to your home computer, making carrying around a full computer unnecessary for most people. A note pad if you will. But not only is it meant to collect information but find information as well. With the ability to get on the internet as well as downloading books, the iPad could be an amazing pool of knowledge as well as entertainment.

I see the iPad being a device that will easily integrate into anyone’s daily life. You can review your tasks for the day, download your daily paper or favorite magazine, send emails, all while having your morning coffee. You can use the iPad to take notes during a meeting or presentation. Heck, use the iPad for a presentation. Then later that evening while your sitting on the couch catch up on your blogs, read a book or magazine, or watch a movie.

So as you can see, the iPad does change the way we use computers. Only it doesn’t reinvent the computer or replace it, but supplement the computer you already have. I am excited about including the iPad in my daily life. My plan is to replace my aging 12 inch PowerBook G4 with an iPad. As it stands, the iPad can do everything that I currently use my PowerBook for (email, internet, blogging, and other light computing) plus do all the things that it can’t.

Oh and hey Apple if you want to help me out with getting me an iPad I would be eternally grateful. Heck I would even give you a glowing review here on my blog.

(All images from apple.com)