Support In Front and Beside Me

One of the most important things in the world is having support from your loved ones. Thankfully, I have had more than my fair share of support from many of my friends and family, but the one person who has supported me every step of the way is my wonderful girlfriend Vanessa. She has supported and pushed me to pursue what I want out of life whole heartedly. She is one of the main reasons I am turning my dream of being a photographer.

As many of you well know Vanessa and I moved to Auburn AL in August so she could pursue her masters degree. Moving to Auburn was a great opportunity for her to pursue her goals and grow in her field. Little did I know moving created an even greater opportunity for me and that my idea of a career would soon be turned upside down.

As a preface, Vanessa has believed I should pursue photography for quite some time and I fought it all along the way. I continuously came up with excuses why I should not be a photographer. All of my excuses were a cover for my true belief, that I wasn’t good enough. I felt I took good pictures but nothing people would want to pay me to do. And instead of taking the risk of working with a photographer to learn, I continued to fight the idea.

After we moved to Auburn I quickly became antsy. Working from home doing freelance lead me to being super stir-crazy. I had to find an outlet. I remembered that one of my friends worked for one of the local photographers, Flip Flop Foto, while she was in college taking pictures of the sorority parties. I figured why not give this a shot. It got me out of the house, paid me a little cash, and I got to try out the world of photography. Photographing sorority events quickly turned into photographing events, helping with weddings, designing wedding books, shooting weddings on my own, and even re-designing Flip Flop’s website (which I feel I did a pretty darn good job with).

While all of this was (and still is) happening, Vanessa helped me out and supported me every step of the way. When money has been a little short she has helped me out. When I need someone to practice on she plays model, and very well might I add. When I am up late reading and looking at pictures she never complains. She has helped me get to where I am today and continue to help me to get to where I want to be, for that I am extremely grateful. Her support has been key to my success. Thank you honey, you are the best and I love you.

Support is crucial. If you find someone who supports you whole heartedly and unquestionably, hold on to them. I plan to. Feel free to check out the images below, they are a collection of some of the resent photographic endeavors of Ness and I. Please click on the thumbnail to view the whole image.


  1. I’ve read this thing at least 1.25 times and I still don’t see any mention of my name. Nor my picture.

    This saddens me.

  2. Vanessa says:

    I cried while reading this (go figure.) You are more than welcome for all the support that I give you; you deserve it. You are an amazing person, a wonderful boyfriend, and an awesome photographer. I am so very proud of you! Thank you for listening to me and trusting me when I told you that you should pursue your career in photography and that you would be successful in it. Keep up the good work baby! I am so happy that I am a part of your life (and get to be a part of your work!)

  3. Happy to hear you’re doing well. As one who is as well, it is delightful to see someone as smitten as you are.

  4. PRESH. She really did cry. Hard.

  5. Charlie says:

    Yeah me too.

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