As most of you know, it snowed down south February 12th. You also know that when it snows down here it is a pretty big deal; schools close, people stay home from work, all the milk and bread in every grocery store mysteriously disappears. I have lived in Auburn a total of seven and a half years and this is the first time I have seen it snow here. Now that’s not to say it hasn’t snowed here in seven years, I just haven’t been present.

In typical southern fashion everyone was out playing in the snow, making snow men, taking pictures and the like. Vanessa and I, of course, were not the exception and made our way outside. We first played with the dog at our townhouse then quickly made our way to campus. Samford Hall was total insanity. There were people everywhere. Everyone was smiling and having fun as if they were 10 again. Two girls even made their way to Samford Hall on horseback which quickly drew the attention of everyone on the lawn. (Side note, I would love to find the 2 girls so I could send them the pictures I took. If you know either one please contact me at

It was a great day for me because I finally got to take some pictures of campus in the snow and to witness what everything looks like blanketed in white. Everything was just as pretty as I have witnessed in other peoples photographs. I enjoyed my time walking around, snapping off shots and taking in the energy of the day. It was excitement typically not found on Auburn’s campus outside of football season and it was welcome.

I hope you enjoy my pictures of the day. Please click on the thumbnails below to view the entire image.