This year for Moustache May I am doing things a little different. For the first time I pre-grew a stache instead of spending the month of May cultivating a fine example of facial hair. Another difference is that this year I am going to be putting a lot of energy into raising money for charity. I am hoping that public embarrassment will aide in my abilities to raise money for children.

My mustache and charity this year have been inspired by Garmin Transitions rider Steven Cozza. He is using his role as a pro cyclist and mustache fan to help children in need all over the world. Rather than having a foundation in his name he has an organization called Race for Kids Fan Club ( You are able to donate to any charity that involves children and if you do you can become a Race for Kids Fan for chances to win items donated by Steven.

I have chosen to use my mustache to raise money for the charity Right To Play. Their mission is to improve the lives of children in some of the most disadvantaged areas of the world by using the power of sport and play for development, health and peace.

I am going to use a friend of mines, Brandon, idea in that by donating money you get the ability to suggest my next Moustache May photo. If you donate $75 or more you will be able to personally suggest what I do in my next picture and I will do it as long as it doesn’t include nudity or personal harm. Public embarrassment is greatly encouraged!

When I reach specific goals I will take the following pictures:

$150 In a hair salon sitting in a dryer chair with some older ladies

$300 while my back is being waxed

$500 Preaching the ways of Mustache on a busy street corner in coat and tie

$700 Posing as a Waffle House cook or Server

$1000 TBD

$1300 TBD

$1500 TBD

$1700 TBD

$2000 TBD

and if we get over that much money we will play it by ear.

Please visit the following sites to keep track of the goings on of my Moustache May and where to donate.

My Moustache May Page

My Fund-A-Stache (here you will be linked to my first giving page)

My Firstgiving Page (a direct link to where you can donate)