Another May has come and gone, and another moustache has done it’s job. In my previous post,¬†Moustache for a Cause, I detailed how I was using my ‘stache to raise some money for an organization called Right to Play. Also as a reminder I did all my donation work to add to Steven Cozza’s Race For Kids Fan Club. I am happy to announce that I raised $361.00 throughout the month. I did not reach my goal, but I was still able to raise a considerable amount of money so kids will be able to get out and do what kids are supposed to do, play. I am happy my shenanigans during May has made me happy and will also help make children happy who are in need of a good time.

The month was full of entertaining themes, as well as my own “photo goals” for money raised. My least favorite day by a landslide was when we waxed my back. That was the most painful experience I have had in a long time. I do not recommend it at all. That being the only real bad day out of the month, every other day was so much fun.

One of the things I enjoy the most is the life between the pictures. My moustache was the topic of conversation everywhere I went. I would love hearing random people talk about my ‘stache. Wondering if I were serious, trying to determine if I lost a bet, or if that is what I look like all the time. It’s just humorous to me that people would make a big deal about facial hair and that it would cause that much of a fuss.

Below are all my images in chronological order through the month. The images go from May 1st to June 1st, where my moustache met it’s maker. All of the memories of Moustache May can be found on the Moustache May site. I hope you enjoy my month as much as I did.