A little over a week ago I photographed an event called the Love Your Heart Run and Crank Your Heart Ride. The opportunity to shoot this event came from the photography company I have been working for, Flip Flop Foto. I am just now getting to post about the event because my life has been super crazy at the moment. As a matter of fact, when I look at the date of the event (Feb. 6th) I can’t believe that was only 10 days ago.

The Love/Crank Your Heart was an event I was fighting to do ever since I first learned we were doing it. This was something that was right up my alley. If you happen to have read my previous post, Living The Dream Part 1, you will know that eventually I would love to be an action sports photographer. The Love/Crank Your Heart could be considered my first step for me achieving that dream, practice for future endeavors. It also allowed me to get a taste of what the work would be like photographing sports activity, and it tasted good!

My call time was relatively early, 6:45 on that pretty chilly February morning. When we got there and settled in we began by shooting some candids of the runners before the race began. This was a good way to start the day off, kinda easing into shooting. If you know me, I am not much of a morning person so it takes me a little bit to get going. Once it was time for the race to begin I found my way to the starting line where I photographed all the runners begin their trek. Post start I made my way to the bottom of the hill where the cyclist were. I sent one of my assistants (my first time having an assistant might I add) to go photograph some candid shots of the cyclist while I captured a few images of the runners on one of the flatter sections of the course.

Soon after the runners were finished it was time for the cyclist to take to the course. At this point I was left alone to photograph the cyclist on my own. I was in charge of what, where, and how I wanted to shoot the cyclist. Needless to say I was super stoaked. After the start, I began searching for my vantage point. A quick stroll down the street I found a nice curving uphill section that I decided would be a good choice. So with a Canon 1D with a 70-200mm f2.8, a Canon 40D with a 24-70mm f2.8, and my iPhone for some music I stood and waited for their arrival. This is where the rain began. Not a hard rain at all but enough to make a chilly morning down right cold.

Once the cyclist arrived I knew I was in a good spot. I began snapping off shots like I had been doing this for years, it just felt natural. The cold and rain seemed to disappear and I disconnected myself from what was going on around me. My reality soon became what I was seeing through the lens. I was having some of the most fun I have had in my entire life. I couldn’t help by say to myself “man, I could really get use to this!”

No I am going on the record to say that not every shot was perfect but I did have some really good shots. There are still some things that I need to learn but for my first go I was really happy with the results. I think reading a few websites from other photographers like Graham Watson’s can help me a great deal. I am grateful for the opportunity and I plan on doing many more events like the Love/Crank Your Heart in the future.

Please take a look at my favorite images below. If you were at the event and want to order any prints please go to flipflopfoto.com and click on clients.