The other day on my bike ride I spotted this graveyard in the woods, just off the road. Later in the day I came back with my camera and found more here than I thought. The graveyard was a very interesting dichotomy due to the fact that the forest was taking over the area. It seemed that most of the graves were from the middle to late 1800’s. The most recent grave that was marked was 1899 but I have to assume what time frame most of the graves were from because they were marked only by a small cut stone with no engraving or the carvings have been weathered smooth.

Judging by the upkeep, or lack there of, the graveyard seems all but forgotten.The only sign of visitation were the fake flowers on one of the graves that seemed to have been there for many, many years. The overgrowth gave the area a strange, eerie, but peaceful feeling. I think the eerie feeling was aided by the fact that Halloween was only a week away from the time I took these pictures.

While editing the images I tried to convey the feeling of the graveyard. I wanted to give the images a creepy feel but also be respectful of the people buried there. I also used the beta for Lightroom 3 for the first time while processing these images. I have to say, I like Lightroom a lot! Very easy and comfortable photo editing.

I hope you enjoy these images and Happy Halloween.