Logo: Heritage Construction & Development

This logo was designed for a construction and development business based in Birmingham. They typically work building and developing restaurant and retail spaces throughout the south east. The one direction the client had was for the design to be modern. I wanted to create a simple yet strong and study image that was both modern but also fit with the word “heritage”. The logo mark is a combination of custom made design elements with a modified “H”. The bolts have the three tick marks to represent a high strength bolt, which have these markings in reality.

The logos text is also a modified typeface. The “A” in Heritage was an important element. I wanted it to have vertical sides because I feel like they have a more strong, column like appearance. I created the vertical “A” by modifying and combining a few characters already existent in the typeface. That way the letter still felt like it fit with the rest of the characters. Below you will find two alternate usages of the logo, a horizontal display and just the mark.