This past weekend was the final race of the season for me. I participated in the Georgia Cup Time Trial series this year. Each race is a little less than 20 miles (30k) long. The series itself is well run and very competitive. Let me rephrase, it is very competitive in other age groups than my own. Throughout the season there were only a few people that were racing in my age group (hence the reason I won the series for my age group). It’s interesting because the older the age group, the more competitive they were.

As for me, this has been a season of rebuilding and getting back to being competitive. It is the first “season” of bike racing I have managed to make it through and my first competitive endurance season since high school. To be honest, it was awesome to have something that I had to continuously plan and train for. Once one race was done, the next would be right around the corner.

I didn’t quite reach the goal of 25mph average but I did contiuously improve, which is all I can really ask for. And, as I mentioned before, I did win the series for my age group. Here is a chart of my progression throughout the season, remember each race is a little less than 20 miles (30k):


I will more than likely participate in the series next year. If not, then I will hope to find something similar that is a little closer to Auburn. So now is the “off season” which will be anything but. I plan to work hard in the off season to start next season right where I left off. Speaking of, I think it stopped raining, time to get out for a quick workout.