These photos span the sunset on Christmas Day and the wee hours of the morning the following day. First the first image, above, I noticed the sunset and took a short stroll from my Grandmoms house. The house like structure to the left is the press box for a softball field. I simply rested my new Fuji X70 on the low rail to use as a tripod. Proof that it doesn’t have to be the most beautiful location to have an excellent image.

The next few images are from the following morning. I don’t really sleep all that well at the country house. Mostly because my dogs are so excited about getting outside to run and play. Finding myself up right around sunrise I fixed a cup of coffee, grabbed my camera and went for a stroll, hoping for frost on the chilling morning. Plus I knew that the hay bales in the neighboring field would be interesting worse comes to worse. Frost was few and far between but I did find a really incredible looking small frozen puddle. While the puddle was freezing the water froze in fractals and ripples, leaving a very modern geometric pattern.