The House My Great Grandfather Built

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From the outside looking in, my Grandmom’s house might seem like a strange and backwards place. It is part warm and loving house that always feels like home and part decaying remanence of a mans life work. As I get…

Turkey Day 2009

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Thanksgiving Day 2009 was spent at my grandmom’s house this year, a tradition that has been a part of my family for as long as I can remember. This year, the day was spent hanging out with family, eating ridiculous…

Parking Lot Fair

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The fair is in town. No, not the reasonably legit county or state fair, but the extremely sketchy and sometimes scary parking lot fair. Since I had never been to one and thought it would make for some nice night…

Auburn vs Georgia 2009

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The Auburn vs Georgia game is always a good time to be had. Labeled as “the south’s oldest rivalry” this football game has been going on for over 100 years. Many traditions, myths, and actual history has been attached to…

Self Portraits Round 1

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Today I took on the daunting task of doing my self portrait. Sure I have taken many pictures of myself but never with the intent of it being a self portrait. Trying to embody myself in an image is hard….

Syrup Soppin’

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Every year a small town outside of Auburn called Loachapoka has Syrup Sopping, a festival centered around sugar cane syrup. The event usually sees 20,000 annual visitors every year. If you get there early enough you can enjoy some fresh…

Lost Graveyard

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The other day on my bike ride I spotted this graveyard in the woods, just off the road. Later in the day I came back with my camera and found more here than I thought. The graveyard was a very…

The Best Camera

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Chase Jarvis says the best camera is the one you have with you. Heck he even has a book and an iPhone app dedicated to that fact, but that is besides the point. My point is, often times, he is…

The Rain On the Plains

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Photo Courtesy of Ryan Brown I am a huge Auburn fan. I graduated from Auburn, my parents graduated from Auburn, my grandfather was a professor at Auburn, heck I was even born there. I bleed orange and blue. I have…

Georgia Cup Time Trial Series Champion

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This past weekend was the final race of the season for me. I participated in the Georgia Cup Time Trial series this year. Each race is a little less than 20 miles (30k) long. The series itself is well run…