Wedding: Beth and Clint

This wedding is an example of a small wedding that can still be beautiful and fun. The ceremony was held at the Auburn University Chapel and the reception was at one of my favorite locations, the Ag Red Barn. Beth and Clint were a cute couple who’s playfulness really showed throughout the day.

To some a cloudy day seems like a bummer but to a photographer it is about the best conditions you could ask for. The clouds act as a natural light diffuser, making all the shadows really soft and even. So in other words your not really limited to what areas you can work with.

These two were excellent and I loved spending their day with them. I hope you enjoy the photos from the day as much as I enjoyed taking them.

bethClint01 bethClint02 bethClint03 bethClint04 bethClint05 bethClint06 bethClint07 bethClint08 bethClint09 bethClint10 bethClint11 bethClint12 bethClint13 bethClint14 bethClint15 bethClint16 bethClint17 bethClint18 bethClint19