BamaCross #2 Brookside

BamaCross #2 was yet again an amazing race. Being the second race in the series and my 3rd race overall I am still learning a few things. The main lesson from this race was if you get lapped with 2 laps to go you now only have 1 lap. That mistake cost me a position at the line. Oh well, something to keep in mind for the next race. I will do a full race report on my Tumblr page of my performance.

The course was not only great to race but great to photograph. I kicked myself the first race for not bringing my camera to screw around and get a little practice in. It’s very easy to access many of the key spots of the race and with many of them being a little back in the woods I wouldn’t have to fight the light too much.

Everyone seemed to have a great time and really enjoyed the race. There were many opportunities for me to capture both pain and smiles. I hope you enjoy the images. If your newcomer to my site cruise around, you might like what you see.

And this is a little something I made. It popped in my head when I was editing this photo.


  1. These are really great. Nice captures.

  2. Wow, this is good stuff. Hope you can make it to some of the rest of the series.

  3. Great photography! You captured the sense of action in the sand pit perfectly.

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