The Auburn vs Georgia game is always a good time to be had. Labeled as “the south’s oldest rivalry” this football game has been going on for over 100 years. Many traditions, myths, and actual history has been attached to this game.

The Auburn vs Georgia game is always a big game for me. Many of my friends while growing up were UGA fans and when it came time to go to college many of them made their way to Athens, I went west to the plains. The game has become a reunion of sorts, where I can go and see many friends I haven’t seen since the game a year before.

This year, like many of the others before, did not disappoint. Good times were to be had all around. Everyone was out and in festive spirits and the day was filled with conversation, games, and every now and again a bit of trash talk. As the day turned to night everyone began making their way to the stadium. We climbed the seemingly endless stairs to make our way up to the top.

The night air was filled with cheers, chants, gasps, and silence. Both teams played the game well but when it was all said and done UGA proved to be victorious once again. The sadness of defeat was soon replaced with cheerful conversation. Once the day was all said and done you realize that the day may have been centered around a football game but the things you remember the most will be the good times being had all over Athens.

Here are a few photo selects from our trip. If you wish to take a look at the rest of them, make your way to my flickr page.