Wedding: Ashley and Trey

Every now and again I get a chance to photograph a wedding without being “the photographer”. I’m talking about being a second shooter. The lead photographer was Philip Smith (I know another Philip) and he is incredibly talented. I really enjoy doing it from time to time because it gives me even more freedom to experiment knowing that I don’t have the added pressure of being the one that has to get the shots. I can take the things I try that work and use them in my other shoots. Additionally, the way we do things at Flip Flop is that when we have an experienced second shooter they get sent with the guys and get to take care of all the grooms photos. As much as I like to be with the bride photoing the guys is a little different challenge that I needed to spend a little more time on.

This wedding in particular was a good one to second on. Both the ceremony and reception were at beautiful locations. The ceremony was at Children’s Harbor on Lake Martin and the reception was at The Spring House. The couple were really excellent as well. All in all it was a great day to relax and take some really incredible photos. I hope you enjoy.

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